Stephanie Dubsky graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a Master's Degree in product design. 

Settling in New York City in 1999 to work for the Guggenheim Museum and the Neue Galerie, where she ran the Design Shop, her persisting love for creating objects by hand led her inevitably to making jewelry. 

Every creation is crafted of porcelain, without using molds, making every piece unique. Stephanie finds the tactile process of shaping porcelain by hand a deeply satisfying experience, so apparent in the final piece. After glazing and repeated firings in the kiln, the porcelain is transformed from fragile to strong, still embodying a delicate and precious tactility, making for a sensory experience that lives on in her creations.

Stephanie has recently begun to explore incorporating repurposed elements from heirloom objects such as precious stones or pearls into her pieces, creating jewelry that combines heritage with a contemporary design aesthetic.

The Whitney Museum carries a collection of her handcrafted porcelain rings and bowls designed exclusively for the Whitney Shop.

Selected by New York City Jewelry Week (NYCJW) as one of the designers to showcase at its first NYCJW headquarters in Soho, New York in 2018, and currently featured by NYCJW as one of their favorite emerging talents.

Stephanie was honored to participate in MAD About Jewelry, an annual show featuring acclaimed and emerging jewelry artists at the Museum of Arts and Design in December 2021. 

She became a member of Klimt02, an international community for Art Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts. Read Stephanie's interview with Klimt02 about her background, influences and thoughts on the world of contemporary jewelry as a tool of personal and cultural expression. 

Her work "On Harmony" was selected for the Japan Jewellery Designers Association competition and was exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in June 2022.

She was selected to participate in the 46th Annual Contemporary Craft Show at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, which will take place November 11-13, 2022.

Stephanie participated in The Madness of Art & Jewelry as part of NYCJW23, at Jim Kempner Fine Art, where she presented her collection in dialogue with a selection of works by Robert Rauschenberg’s Dante’s Inferno.